House of Hack, Almedalen 2017
to Jul 7

House of Hack, Almedalen 2017

We can not be more happy with our first time at Almedalen!

Together with Arbetsförmedlingen, Tankesmedjan Futurion and Science Park Gotland we hosted a series of seminars on the topic: How can you leverage the power of hacking?

House of Hack consisted of four different seminars,

Monday 3/6, seminar: Govenment hacks

Tuesday 4/6, seminar: Hacking your way to a job

Wednesday 5/6, seminar: Hackathons for internal innovation

Thursday 6/6, seminar: How to hack a better society


Alongside with the seminars there was an exhibition,

Monday 3/6 - Friday 7/6, exhibition: How to leverage the power of hacking


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