Openhack @ Science Week Gothenburg
12:00 PM12:00

Openhack @ Science Week Gothenburg

During science week Gothenburg Openhack - coding for humanity CEO Nike Hiller will hold a lecture on the subject hackathons.

The talk will focus on hackathons and it trends. It will start off by introducing openhack and how we work with hackathons to create social and humanitarian impact. We will then move on to discuss what a hackathon is, how it can be used and how do you create your own hackathon?

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Peace Parks x openhack
5:30 PM17:30

Peace Parks x openhack

Openhack - coding for humanity second meet up will focus on further development of one of the solutions presented at the Stockholm hackathon 2018.  The idea is to create a Raspberry Sensor Mesh Network.

Do you want to play around with raspberry pi’s, test your tech skills on a real-life problem, or just learn more about wild crime and how it affects the people in the are? Or maybe just learn more about openhack and what we do? If yes, then this meetup is for you!

Sign up and read more here!

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House of Hack, Almedalen 2017
to Jul 7

House of Hack, Almedalen 2017

We can not be more happy with our first time at Almedalen!

Together with Arbetsförmedlingen, Tankesmedjan Futurion and Science Park Gotland we hosted a series of seminars on the topic: How can you leverage the power of hacking?

House of Hack consisted of four different seminars,

Monday 3/6, seminar: Govenment hacks

Tuesday 4/6, seminar: Hacking your way to a job

Wednesday 5/6, seminar: Hackathons for internal innovation

Thursday 6/6, seminar: How to hack a better society


Alongside with the seminars there was an exhibition,

Monday 3/6 - Friday 7/6, exhibition: How to leverage the power of hacking


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