House of Hack, Almedalen 2017
to Jul 7

House of Hack, Almedalen 2017

We are stoked to be a part of House of Hack, a joint venture at Almedalsveckan 2017. Together with Arbetsförmedlingen, Tankesmedjan Futurion and Science Park Gotland we will host a serie of seminars on the topic: How can you leverage the power of hacking? Come visit us in Visby between 3rd-7th of July, 2017.


House of Hack concists of four different seminars,

Monday 3/6, seminar: Govenment hacks

Tuesday 4/6, seminar: Hacking your way to a job

Wednesday 5/6, seminar: Hackathons for internal innovation

Thursday 6/6, seminar: How to hack a better society


Alongside with the seminars will be an exhibition,

Monday 3/6 - Friday 7/6, exhibition: How to leverage the power of hacking


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OpenHack, Malmö 2015
to Dec 7

OpenHack, Malmö 2015

During the first weekend of December we will gather developers, designers and creative mind, coding for humanity! OpenHack will take place between 4th-6th of December, 2015.

Please check out the event website for more information and to register!

You can also attend the event on Facebook, to let your friends know that you are going!

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