Openhack is an event for anyone that have an interest in humanitarian development and technical solutions


Open for anyone

Participating in openhack is open to anyone regardless of age, profession, skillset etc. We strive to inspire people through open an exciting events and our goal is to attract an diverse audience with a large variety of skills, knowledge and ideas. We believe that these conditions provide the best possible chances to create the best solutions and most innovative ideas.

Either if you are a experience programmer, if you are a student who just started learning about coding, or if you simply have an interest in technical solutions - you are equally welcome to join our hachathons. The challenges that are presented are ofter complex and challenging, hence providing a good solution generally require both team effort and a combination of skills. When registrering for openhack, you are set to work in groups - you can either register as a team or join one on site. Solving the challenge is often about finding a innovative (or simple) idea, turning it into a working concept and finally creating a prototype to demonstrate the impact. Last but not least the solution needs to be presented in a good way, to emphasise both the problem and the benefit of your specific solution. The solution can be very technical but can also be simple (yet often genius) and the skillset needed usually very between the solutions.


Free of charge

There is no cost of registrering to our hackathons - participating is completely free of charge. Apart from a great venue, challenges and both technical and social expertise, we offer sleeping ackommodations and food arrangements. The 48 hours long hackathon normally take place over a weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and the intent is that you will not be required to leave the venue during this time.

Sleeping arrangements & food

We will make our best to provide all necessities to make your hacking comfortable. Food will be served both breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between meals we will offer snacks and refreshments to boost your energy when needed. We will have sleeping areas set up and strive to provide blankets etc if possible. All you need to bring is comfortable clothing, toilet accessories and a sleeping bag/air madrass.

Venue & working environment

The venue is chosen to provide a good environment for intensive hacking. We strive to make sure that there is both lounge areas, common areas and an office environment to meet all needs - as well for pitching, brainstorming and secluded coding. 

Utilities & tools

Apart from wifi and power, we strive to provide you with infrastructure and tools that may help you create and deploy your solution. Usually we are able to provide premium software solutions for you to use during the event, as well as technical coaching and special resources to help you with any unexpected issues. Through out the hackathon, all teams will also be offered the possibility to present their work-in-progress in front of Open Source project representatives, field experts and technical coaches to get feedback and to fuel new ideas. Last but not least we aim to provide whiteboards, papers, post-its and pencils etc. All you need to bring is your laptop and any specific tools you want to use.


How it works

The hackathon is 48 hours and usually take place during a weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. You will arrive to the venue during Friday afternoon and greeted welcome by our staff. We will serve dinner and when everyone has arrived there will be an opening ceremony. We will go through the practicals and make sure everyone feels comfortable. Then our case contributors will take to the stage and give presentations of their respective challenges. Finally, as soon as everyone has a team and all teams have been matched with a challenge - the hacking will begin!

Day 1 of openhack Stockholm 2018 @norrsken house case contributors: Sida World Childhood Foundation Peace Parks Jobtech

During the time from Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, you will work in teams to solve humanitarian challenges provided by our case contributors. You will have access to a separate space where you can work and we will be there to make sure you have everything you need - regardless if you chose to work intensively through out the night or if you prefer to take a break and hang out with the other participants. Except for coaches and technical experts to help you progress in your efforts, we will organize fun activities and happenings such as morning yoga, fuzzball/pool, competitions etc.

On Sunday afternoon, the hackathon will end with a prize ceremony where teams may present their final work for a jury consisting of representatives from Open Source projects, field experts, corporate sponsors and organizers. Categories will consider factors such as innovativeness, complexity, potential and quality of the contributions and ideas developed. Prizes will partly be extrinsic with offers for further development plans through incubators, tools to keep the project running, symbolic rewards in form of goods and offerings, as well as public credit and recognition in the spirit of Open Source.

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