Case challenges - the start of a potential Open Source project 

Technical solutions can be used to solve many challenges and to break different barriers. Just as technology and IT opens up for great possibilities in our daily life, it can be used to help solve many of the challenges we face in the strive for a better tomorrow.  

The results from our hackathons evolves around case challenges provided by external partners. The challenges are provided by different NGOs, aid organisations, national agency and social actors (for previous/current case contributors, please see below). The scope of the challenges are as broad as the range of problems we face in our society - any challenge or problem may fit to be presented at openhack, as long as it can be connected to one of the United Nations seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. The areas under focus include disaster management, information sharing, education and social development.

The challenges for each hackathon is selected based on subject relevans, social impact, technical depth and the credibility of the case contributor. We will gladly provide our assistance to help identify and produce a challenge, based on a case or problem background. 

Do you have a case for a humanitarian challenge that you feel could benefit from a technical solution? Get in touch! →

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You can find our previous case challenges, for inspiration and background, on our GitHub page.

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To access previous solutions, formed during our hackathons, please check out our GitHub!

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