Openhack Gothenburg is over for this time!

We want send a big thank you to all participants for being a part of our hackathon and coding for humanity! We hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did and that you hopefully will participate again or want to be a part of our team!

We also want to thank our sponsors Sandvik, Alten, Recorded Future and CEVT for making this happen, as well as our case contributors Naturskyddsföreningen, Move To Gothenburg and Jobtech and ofcourse our amazing media crew.

See you next year!

// Team Openhack Gothenburg

Openhack Sthlm 2018!

Registration for OpenHack Stockholm is now open!

The hackathon, running from 30th November until 2nd December at Norrsken House, will require teams built from people with different areas of expertise, so don’t worry if programming isn’t your strongest suit yet. The theme for the event is as always humanitarian issues and contributing for a better cause.

Both participation and volunteering is open for registration. For more information and registration, visit the website at

Hope to see you there!

  Norrsken House

Norrsken House

Nordic startup awards

We are honored to be selected as a finalist in the Swedish National Finale of Nordic Startup Awards 2018 in Best Social Impact Startup.

Nordic Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards and it is the biggest independent startup ecosystem competition. Its mission is to find, recognise and connect the future shapers of the digital age from all around the world. The Grand Finale will take place the 30th of October in Copenhagen.

To make it all the way we need your help, please vote for us here!



We are now a social company!

Since Openhack was founded in 2015 we have organized eight hackathons in five different cities. It is now time to take the next step: Openhack has now become a social company!

From now on the legal form is a limited company with profit distribution limitation, meaning all profit is reinvested into the business. This means we can scale up and organize better hackathons at numerous places, generating more creative ideas to the many humanitarian challenges humankind faces today. It also gives us the possibility to focus even more on implementing the existing solutions that have been developed over the years. To celebrate this we're doing a rebrand.

Check out our new logo and stay tuned for more exciting plans!




We are hiring a CEO

OpenHack has grown rapidly since the founding of the organization in 2015. Until now the platform and community has been built and driven by dedicated volunteers and core team members of OpenHack. Since our community and non-profit business are expanding we are now looking to hire a CEO that can take the lead in this work, in collaboration with the core-team of OpenHack.

Apply here.

All challenges for OpenHack Uppsala released!

All three public case challenges for the upcoming OpenHack in Uppsala are now released - time to dig in, get creative and prepare!

If you are on of the heroes that are registered to participate this weekend, we encourage you to read the challenges ahead of the event, to get inspiration and start thinking about what problem you want to work on. The case contributors will all be present during Friday evening to present there case respectively. Representatives from each case contributor will also be available throughout the event to answer questions and to help verify your ideas.

Certainly, you are also welcome to work on a idea related to a similar problem or to present a idea/case of your own - it is all about creating valuable and innovation!

Official case contributors of OpenHack Uppsala 2017:

See you Friday! Hope you are as stoked as we are! We can't wait to see what you will come up with! /the OpenHack team

Interview: Johan Linåker, Founder of OpenHack

The upcoming OpenHack in Uppsala is closing in - and we can't wait! In the meantime, we caught up with OpenHack's founder Johan Linåker to ask a few questions about the concept and vision of the hack, as well as the Uppsala "JobTech"-theme. Interview below:

 Johan Linåker, Founder of OpenHack.

Johan Linåker, Founder of OpenHack.

Hi Johan! Why did you start OpenHack?

- When I joined Engineers Without Borders, there was no natural way for me to use my core skills as a software developer to contribute to humanitarian aid. By arranging a hackathon, we could bring techies like me together with humanitarian aid organizations, and collaborate on solving real world challenges with digital innovations. By also making the solutions open source, the ideas and prototypes that come out of the hackathon can be developed further by anyone who wishes, with the goals of gaining a bigger impact and wider reach.

Why would you say Open Source is so important?

- Open source software is free for anyone to use, modify, and redistribute. Due to this openness, the software can spread and involve people with a global reach, including all possible end-users, and also other developers, subject matter experts, and organizations.

Can you tell us how the theme JOBTECH was decided on?

- Gaining a job is an important part in the integration process and key for any newly arrived to entering and establishing themselves in society. Tech and digital solutions can help ease this process, not only for newly arrived but also for jobseekers in general. If we can help to match jobseekers and employers in a more efficient manner, as well as present them with the right opportunities, then we can make a difference for society as a whole!