All challenges for OpenHack Uppsala released!

All three public case challenges for the upcoming OpenHack in Uppsala are now released - time to dig in, get creative and prepare!

If you are on of the heroes that are registered to participate this weekend, we encourage you to read the challenges ahead of the event, to get inspiration and start thinking about what problem you want to work on. The case contributors will all be present during Friday evening to present there case respectively. Representatives from each case contributor will also be available throughout the event to answer questions and to help verify your ideas.

Certainly, you are also welcome to work on a idea related to a similar problem or to present a idea/case of your own - it is all about creating valuable and innovation!

Official case contributors of OpenHack Uppsala 2017:

See you Friday! Hope you are as stoked as we are! We can't wait to see what you will come up with! /the OpenHack team