OpenHack Uppsala 2017, theme: JobTech

OpenHack is back, and this time in Uppsala!

Join us the first weekend of June and code for humanity.

Are you a skilled coder or a passionate problem solver? Do you have an idea or a solution on a humanitarian problem? If the answer to these questions is yes, this is the event for you. During 48 hours, hackers from all over Sweden will gather to take on the different challenges our evolving society faces.

The theme for this hackathon will be: JobTech! - How can technical solutions and software be used to create the labor market of tomorrow? How can technology be used to create a more open and inclusive application process, available for everyone? How can we apply new tools that leverage existing data, for the purpose of a labor market free of discrimination and unjust methods? Join us to work on one of the most central challenges of our time - from both a local as well as a global perspective!

Openhack is open for everyone, so spread the news to all your friends. We will continuously post cases and updates here on the blog – make sure to keep an eye out!

In the meantime, let us introduce the Openhack 2017 project group:

Project Manager: Nike Hiller

Project Developer: Karin Johansson

Partner Coordinator: Lisbet Ersson

Participant Coordinator: Elin Swedin

Event Coordinator: Axel Iveroth

Social Media & PR Manager: Hedvig Sylwan

Technical Manager: Krzysztof Jagiello

Art Director: Johan Törngren


Want to know more? 

Please check out the event website for more information and to register!

You can also attend the event on Facebook, to let your friends know that you are going!

We hope you’re just as excited as we are!