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The digital transformation and technical development can be noticed in all parts of society and contributes to a fast moving world to which people have to adapt, both locally and globally. This development also affects organizations within humanitarian aid (e.g., The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders) and social good (e.g., National Employment Agencies and Public services). OpenHack’s goal is, through collaboration with these organizations, to build a community platform where we together with technical volunteers can work on and solve challenges where digitization and creative thinking can make a difference.

OpenHack is a non-profit organization, sprung out of Engineers Without Borders, that is funded in terms of money, time and resources from our community of volunteers and partners. These funds are reinvested in the creation of ideas, solutions and collaborations that can have a real-world impact for a more sustainable society. To produce this Social Return-On-Investment, and to reach our goal, our operations consists of three parts:



We create physical meetings where volunteers under a short intense period can design and develop solutions for real-world challenges together with problem-owners and subject matter expertize. The solutions and ideas are open source licensed and can be taken further by anyone, e.g., the teams or problem-owners.



We can help projects and ideas from the hackathons to grow and maximize their impact. We adapt the program to each project based on the conditions and expectations. Together with our network we can provide physical incubator desks, business coaching, technical coaching, and access to a large community of problem-owners, subject-matter-experts,, end-users and other stakeholders.


digital platform

We create a virtual meeting-place where everyone in our community can communicate and collaborate. Volunteers and organizations can find each other, and also previous ideas, solutions and challenges from our hackathons, incubator program and community in general. Together everyone can be inspired, join and contribute where they find interest and potential.

These three parts make up the foundation for OpenHack, our community, and the possibility to contribute to humanity and a more sustainable society.

The Position


Deadline November 31

OpenHack has grown rapidly since the founding of the organization in 2015. Until now the platform and community has been built and driven by dedicated volunteers and core team members of OpenHack. Since our community and non-profit business are expanding we are now looking to hire a CEO that can take the lead in this work, in collaboration with the core-team of OpenHack.

The work will focus on:

  • Expanding the number of hackathons both nationally and internationally, continue to develop the incubator program, and to build a digital platform which will act as a hub for the community. 
  • Maintaining and initiating partnerships with sponsors, case contributors and other organizations that can help our community to grow.
  • Sustaining and creating new revenue streams, and building a stable organization while maintaining (or increasing!) speed, so that our community can grow and have an even larger impact on society.

Hence, the role as CEO of OpenHack includes a broad range of responsibilities, ranging from strategy, operations and finance to communication and marketing. This is a role without limits and we are looking for a person that is…

  • A social (Marvel-style) Superhero who wants to make impact
  • Passionate about technology and social innovation
  • Skilled in communication, a problem solver and has a great business sense
  • Flexible with traveling and enjoys weekend hackathons
  • Preferably an experienced (and inspiring!) leader
  • Preferably has experience of entrepreneurship

Are you excited about OpenHack and in the mood for a new challenge? Apply for the role and join the OpenHack family!

Location: Stockholm / Malmö  |  Job status: Full time, salaried  |  Starting: now!


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